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This kind of food can say dumpling over the table in people is ” frequenter ” , from can eat in a few special red-letter days only originally, became meat meat to be able to take the case of dumpling, and the making method of dumpling is simple, sort also is various, now the season is young write everybody introduction oneTreasure of new Shanghai nobleLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Kind very delicious dumpling is phyletic. So, what is the practice of stuffing of leek dried dumpling?

What is the practice of stuffing of leek dried dumpling

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What is the practice of dried dumpling stuffing? Will common flour falls into the basin, join divide evenly of agitate of right amount clear water. Knead dough to the surface smooth, above the cap on the lid is living wet cloth wakes left and right sides of a hour. . Wake makings of stuffing of the preparation in the process of the face, Shanghai noble baby

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Pick leek now clean, abluent hind accuse to do moisture. . Dried scallop needs to shift to an earlier date one day bubble water comes time soft, do not have dried scallop to need not be put, the taste that stuffing can have to expect if putting extracts little effect. Dried small shrimps is abluent accuse water, vermicelli made from bean starch uses cold water bubble soft, reserve after egg break up. . Right amount salad oil is entered after frying boiler to burn heat, enter when oily Wen Qicheng is hot already the egg fluid of break up, move into the smallest fire immediately, will return with the chopstick not caky shaping egg fluid is fast agitate comes loose.

What is the practice of stuffing of leek dried dumpling

The 2nd, fry the egg that come out to mash very tender and more easily so, mix stuffing appropriate. When the egg has been fried basically, also put abluent dried small shrimps break up together with the egg inside boiler fry, parched dried small shrimps can go smelling of fish, and can water that washs remain of dried small shrimps divides stoving 7. all sorts of treatment that feed capable person place of the stuff that become stuffing requires form, leek is mincing, the dried scallop after bubble is soft twists with the hand filament, chop of vermicelli made from bean starch, put the egg that has fried and dried small shrimps again.

What is the practice of stuffing of leek dried dumpling

What is the practice of stuffing of leek dried dumpling? Preexistence puts right amount salad oil and balm in stuffing makings, all feeding material mixes divide evenly, again ordinal put salt, pepper flavors to machine the face that has waked dumpling skin. Dumpling has been wrapped. Packet of good dumpling is put after the water in boiler leaves, churn water along boiler edge with ladle, perhaps can stick a bottom together with preventing to just was put in so. Build good top, boiler is opened to build when reopen of the water in waiting for boiler, dotLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Enter a few clear water, dumpling of moment of water reopen quadratic is ripe.

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