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Rich nutrient albumen is contained a lot ofin the egg, and the making method of the egg also is varied, syrup egg this cate is many females can be in breakfast when choose to eat. Because brown sugar was joined in syrup egg, red jujube and egg, these 3 kinds of union that feed capable person can fill effectively together gas blood, have profit very much to the female’s body, can be average person1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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When cooking syrup egg, discover the egg is very easy and diffuse, so ability of use what method makes an egg not diffuse?

 How to boil syrup egg to won't rot

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How does brown sugar egg boil won’t come loose:

Above all, heat water with boiler according to your demand, when the habit is heating water, I put in brown sugar quite. Come so, water left, brown sugar also has been changed almost

The 2nd pace, after water leaves, put out fire the smallest, bad control or the first time of the attempt, can put out fire, lay the egg into water immediately at the moment, open fire next, still be small fire is boiled slowly, when seeing syrup surface has albumen float to rise, prove the egg had been being wrapped, broke not easily, can open fire slowly so big. For instance I am met at the moment the duration electromagnetism furnace from 100 adjust 300

At the moment syrup expresses meeting float to have a few albumen that look not quite beautiful and magazine, destroy it with ladle, can see good-looking syrup color

If want,eat egg of candy heart candy at the moment, can press egg face gently with ladle, if soft soft can have pot, so the candy egg of the entrance is so handsome candy heart egg

The effect that drinks red syrup to cook an egg

 How to boil syrup egg to won't rot

Period: Regulate the menstrual function raises a stomach
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Red candy egg is smooth to woman menstruation have very good help, can make the body warm, increase energy, loose enrages blood, accelerate haemal circulation, menstruation also can be discharged relatively smoothly. If classics hind feels drive is poorFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, color is bad, can be in everyday before Chinese meal, drink a cup of chroma to make an appointment with the red syrup of 20% .

Be pregnant: Benefit at puerpera eduction lochia

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Postpartum and exsanguine much, physical strength and energy are used up big, in postpartum 7 ~ are like in 10 days drink water of a few brown sugar, can complementary capabilities, increase hematic size, advantageous restore at what produce rear body power, and the systole to postpartum uterus, restore, the eduction of lochia and lactescence, also have apparent stimulative effect. But pregnant woman eats red candy egg to may cause an uterus to contract, accordingly, accurate mom careful eat.

 How to boil syrup egg to won't rot

Female: Platoon poison is moist

Brown sugar water also can be used at apply, have the effect with a moist poison likewise, the National People’s Congress of older generation had experienced dot to be hibernated by the bee more, cut red swollen, ache is intolerable, can take the smear of brown sugar water with a few higher concentration right now at red place, can reduce sorely a little while, red also meet gradually subsidise. Because skin of autumn winter season is cold dry and Sao is urticant, bath of usable also brown sugar is brushed, Shanghai noble baby

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Clean, can reduce effectively strike urticant sense.

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