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Chinese traditional medicine has remedial diseaseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, recuperate the bodyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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action, if the near future has the plan of equipment pregnant, so in before should drink Chinese traditional medicine no longer, and period of time should transfer after wanting to drinking Chinese traditional medicine, consider to want the child again. Such time should be in the least 1 arrive after 2 months, choose equipment pregnant again next, such doing also is to can bear healthy darling, divide this beyond, during equipment pregnant dietary daily life is recuperated is more important1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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 Drink Chinese traditional medicine how long can want the child

Drink Chinese traditional medicine how long can want the child

After the circumstance with normal proposal comes down to say to exceed one pass to two months time. Should saying is to be able to choose equipment pregnant. Before be pregnant next time, connubial both sides goes to the examination before the hospital does pregnant and prepotent examination, notice diet is balanced reach an attention to begin to take folic acid, the male still needs abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, maintain mood stability.

 Drink Chinese traditional medicine how long can want the child

The preparation before pregnant works

1, daily life of careful food, attune, the habits and customs with good nurturance. In before pregnant 3 months, want to notice dietary diversification, strengthen nutrition, conserce strength and store up energy, had had for both sides of husband and wife good spermatozoon and ovum create advantageous corporeal condition; not to stay up late as far as possible, sleep early rise early;Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
According to oneself be fond of, ground of adjust measures to local conditions undertakes necessary physical training, if canter since morning, shuttlecock, evening takes a walk, in order to enhance a constitution, hold good body position.

2, husband and wife shows consideration for conjugal love. Emotional communication often is strengthened between husband and wife, can make love is deepened ceaselessly, make the wife has a kind of happy feeling, safe feeling and attributive feeling, this pair stabilizes the mood of the wife, fostering good mood is the sexual life with very beneficial; happy harmony, make the mood of the wife is in cheerful condition from beginning to end, be helpful for the ovum of wife eduction high quality.

3, take the quality that improves sexual life seriously. Before oviposit periodNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, should designedly reduces coital number, in order to assure the amount of spermatozoon and quality, it is before oviposit period1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The both sides when striving for sexual life as far as possible again has a good state of mind, ground of complete body and mind is devoted, abigail just achieves orgasm smoothly, carry in order to make an uterus on systole, the vaulted after the vagina becomes bigger seminal pool, make palace neck and seminal pool have more contacts, have more, high grade spermatozoon You Xiangzi palace, swim to oviduct.

 Drink Chinese traditional medicine how long can want the child

4, the harm that avoids undesirable interference element. Ovum is in it is mature to arrive from primary oocyte the suffers the element such as medicaments the most easily effect inside 14 days when ovum, so, the woman is unfavorable inside before be pregnant 20 days take general medicaments, a large number of unfavorable drinking, unfavorable also the stimulation that accepts the undesirable element such as X line examination and toxic chemical. As a result of contraceptive medicaments of to be taken orally excrete speed relatively slow, use prophylactic to use contraceptive or the woman that one party of husband and wife takes drug for a long time due to illness answers to begin to stop drug when before pregnant 6 months. Especially the men and women that those wait for to spend the job below contaminative environment again in toxic chemical should leave such environment ahead of schedule, lest be opposite,spermatozoon, ovum causes harm.

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