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Horsebean is a kind of common legume, its nutrient value ratio is higher, also be called south beans, call orchid the beans, proper at ordinary times eat a few, often have profit to body dispute, have the effect of very good benefiting body, of course, when eating broad bean, also want to note the problem of security, certain toxin is contained inside fresh horsebean, if edible is undeserved, may bring about body muscle faint, appear toxic circumstance.

Horsebean is what appearance

Horsebean is what appearance

Call arhat beans of beans, Hu Dou, orchid again, south beans, perpendicular beans, Buddha beans, leguminous, chickling is belonged to. Annual herbaceous, tall 30-100 (120) centimeter. Main root weak point is thick, much fibril, root nodule is pink, concentrated. The bine is brawny, erect, have 4 edge, hollow, without wool. Compound leaf of shape of even number feather, xie Zhouding carries tendril weak point to shrink for short cusp; Form of stipular halberd head or form of egg of close triangle shape, somewhat toothed, have place of modena close gland;

Horsebean is what appearance

Normally 1-3 is opposite flocculus, two sides all does not have wool. Racemose armpit is unripe, peduncular do not have nearly; Calyx bell form, calyx tine wraps around needle form, tine issueing a calyx is longer; The 2-4 that have a flower (- 6) the shape that present a collection is worn armpit of unripe Yu Xie, corollaceous white, valve of alar valve short Yu Qi, grow valve of Yu Long bone; Style is fine by white fluff, topmost far meridional plane has hair of a bundle of beard. Pod fleshy, the skin after maturity turns into black. Seminal 2-4 (- 6) , grow circumference form, close rectangle, among inside sunken, seed coat change is simple, viridescence is lubricious, celadon comes palm is Brown, rare purple or black; Kind umbilical line form, black, be located in seminal one aspect of the matter. Florescence 4-5 month, month of fruit period 5-6. Hold concurrently for commissariat, vegetable and feed, green manure with crop. Produce European mediterranean formerly coastal, asian southwest ministry1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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To North Africa, zhang Qian of the Western Han Dynasty of according to legend introduces Central Plains from the Western Regions. Horsebean nutrition value is rich, contain 8 kinds of indispensible and amino acid. Carbohydrate contentLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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47% ~ 60% , but edible, also can make feed, green manure and plant of species of nectar source plant. Hold concurrently for commissariat, vegetable and feed, green manure with crop.

Horsebean is what appearance

Edible security

Poisonous β is contained in horsebean – cyanogen radical thirdForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Ammoniac acid and L-3, 2 hydroxyl of 4- benzene third ammonia is acerbity. β – acid of ammonia of cyanogen radical third is toxin of a kind of nerve, toxic hind occurrence muscle faint, ability to walk is paralytic wait for a symptom. L-3, 2 hydroxyl of 4- acid of benzene third ammonia is ” horsebean is ill ” the factor that cause disease, disease expression is anaemia of acute hemolysis sex, the patient is children more, the 5~24h after feeding comes on. Heat normally cook can eliminate its noxiousnessLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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