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The most absorbing to a place is local cate, because the cate of every place is people,cannot keep out. For instance Chao Hu is a very distinguished place, the distinguishing feature that also can have oneself so is fastfood. Just ask according to the individual’s taste, can referring to local cate. Chao Hu’s scenery is beautiful, more people expects cate. This is the place that a people likes very much. So is mew lake characteristic fastfood what is there?

Mew lake characteristic is fastfood

1, east shut old goose boiling water

Cut the butcher that become goose agglomerate boil boiling water. Outside waiting for condiment except the salt that add a person, ginger, yellow rice or millet wine, have a few special burden additionally still, belong to secret recipe. Its boiling water is ruddy and clear, the flesh is sodden and not broken, soup is oily and not be bored with, flavour is very delicious. Contain Shandong to close old goose soup to be → goose → dish soup, match with goose the blood of miscellaneous, goose fried dish that makes is elegant goose.

2, whitebait

Mew lake whitebait originates in Chao Hu, body submits cylinder form, without transparent and scale, colorless, smooth, be known as ” mew lake empress ” . Big whitebait body length 15 ~ 20 centimeters, small whitebait body length 4 ~ 7 centimeters, bone is soft yuan of thorn, fresh and tender and goluptious, nutrition is rich. Whitebait evaporate egg, whitebait scrambles egg, the whitebait soup dish flavour that is raw material with whitebait is delicious.

Dish of mew lake name – chrysanthemum whitebait. Can do dish additionally to taste: Whitebait burns bean curd, Yan Gan (cutcha whitebait) etc.

3, crab

Common of crab of turtle of cloth with soft nap of mew lake China weighs river crab, crab or crab. Weigh 2 ~ commonly 4 2, can steam whole crab already, also can do a thick soup of crab paste, crab to wait, taste is little and have higher nutrient value.

Cooking method: Steam, stew is boiled.

4, the Yangtse River 3 delicacy

The Yangtse River 3 delicacy – hilsa herring, saury, balloonfish. The do-nothing, the Yangtse River with prefectural churchyard1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Water area, teem with make fish, saury, balloonfish. These 3 kinds of aquatic product not only with respective and distinctive local color famed whole nation, still appear on the market because of them time is short and all the more is rare. Balloonfish appears on the market in annual the traditional Chinese calendar the; at the beginning of March ever since saury appears on the market, be in about; the traditional Chinese calendar controlled the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of May April the fish appears on the market. Among them, balloonfish, make a fish appear on the market duration is controlled 20 days only, saury appears on the market time grows slightly some. At present hilsa herring, balloonfish already became national proclaimed in writing to ban caught precious fingerling.

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Mew lake characteristic is fastfood

5, with prefectural blast spadger

Have 600 old histories with prefectural blast spadger, sweet fragile delicious, have ” the world the first sweet ” beautiful praise. Its make a method is decorticate spadger after abluent insolation, the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing comes 7 into, throw oily boiler blast 5 minutes to be scooped, oil of body waiting for sparrow is embraced, put person former bowl again, add water, put into condiment. Cheng Qi air is cool, put sesame oil to immerse one, 2 days become cate namely.

6, sweet ski duck

Originate in and town of prefectural sweet spring, the department chooses lean lean cherry to carry grain meat duck, refine with conventional technology and become. Plain boiled pork of this product skin is tender, local color is distinctive, enjoy taller reputation on the history.

7, with city sesame seed cake

Be with city sesame seed cake and prefectural history famous product, choose high grade flour, assist wait with oil of salt, candy, green, pure sweet duck, sesame seed, machine via traditional working procedureA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
After base, become with barbecue of tailor-made charcoal furnace, the beautiful that is early tea is tasted.

8, cottage Jiang Xiaogong head

Cottage river is little red head is Anhui the traditional name place that has local distinguishing feature, already had the history of 250 one’s remaining years up to now. Original name pastry, a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top of name oily candy, make meticulously with fine face, polished glutinous rice, white sugar, lardy, cumquat, sweet-scented osmanthus. Its appearance is like blooming pomegranate flower, because top uses edible pigment to catch on one red dot, get a name so.

According to legend is treated together in Qing Dynasty year, qing Jun writes a famous general to get Wu Xiaoxuan, it is person of sanded lake of cottage river county, act under orders go out for a battle. Chef of accompany home town often makes this snack for him, very suffer admiring. This hutchShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
After division return to one’s native place, open on hillock of cottage river the area just outside a city gate ” Duan Mohe ” restaurant, continue to make this kind of snack, welcome by the person that feed, then celebrated at the world.

Mew lake characteristic is fastfood

9, deepfry dumpling

Deepfry dumpling is the local name with cottage peculiar river to nod, dumpling of original name rice, already had 200 old histories. The dumpling colour and lustre after scamper is good is golden. Cortical population is small fragile, stuffing child soft, its be ignorant of is delicious, it is breakfast is mediumLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Beautiful is tasted.

10, black river Xiang Yu the Conqueror is crisp

Black river Xiang Yu the Conqueror is crisp, renown toad is crisp, the name is little crisp, for Wu Jiang town name selects special local product, have 2000 old histories. Wang Xiangyu of Xi Chuba of according to legend retreats in defeat from the break out of an encirclement below Gai Wu Jiang, sense lack of horse of person be hungry, whacked. Sell young short old man to see Xiang Yu from time to tome very tired out, give on a few then small crisp for it allay one’s hunger. Xiang Yu feeds be profuse in praise: “Good, fragile crisp, fragile crisp! ” from now on, people recall with deep emotion a heroism, change then call ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror is crisp ” . The raw material such as this crisp shortbread, sesame seed, rape oil, white sugar is elaborate make it base, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Reentry furnace is roast and into. Crisp crisp sweet, long feed not tire of, and provide appetizing function.

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