[how is yam mud done delicious]

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Of yam mud a lot of friends meet make, it is simpler that actually everybody does not see yam mud make, but want to make what delicious yam mashed vegetable or fruit still needs a few experience share. Yam mud is done actually very simple, difficulty is in namely flavor above how should make gift the meeting is more delicious, closeShanghai Long Feng forum1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Key is nodded even if was here.

 How is yam mud done delicious

Delicate potato mud

Material big potato 4, honey, milk each right amount


1. potato is abluent, go up evaporate of bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food is ripe.

2. takes a clean bowl, join a few milk, honey, salt, mix is even.

After the potato flay with 3. ripe evaporate, grind with spoon press into potato mud, put into clean big bowl.

4. enters the milk honey juice of mix up, press same way to churn ceaselessly, mix is even.

5. pours the potato mud of agitate divide evenly into a clean dish to be able to go up desk.

 How is yam mud done delicious

Mud of fleshy foam potato

Material potato, fleshy foam, caraway, thick broad-bean sauce


Two stripping and slicing thoroughly cook 1. potato, put one food mud is beaten with rolling pole in bag, install dish in, among orb a bit sunken.

2. oily boiler puts oil, explode thick broad-bean sauceShanghai Long Feng forum

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, put fleshy foam to fry next sweet, enter dish in on potato mud can, can put bit of caraway ornament!

Multicoloured potato mud

Material potato, 600 grams, corn, 1/3 spoon, lima-bean, 1/3 spoon, ham 1/2 spoon, saline a few, pepper (blackLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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) a few


1. is in a big bowl, press the potato after evaporate is ripe into mud with big ladle or rolling pole.

 How is yam mud done delicious

2. open medium baking temperature, enter oil of a few vegetable in pan, enter bead of corn, lima-bean, ham one small conference is fried to come in boiler fast ripe (do not fry too long, very easy ripe) .

3. turns again small fire, pour potato mud in boiler to mix even, all mixture are fried againA love1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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One small conference.

4. enters a few salt, black pepper to mix finally even, can remove boiler to fill dish.

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