[mud of sweet crisp taro coils]

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Mud of sweet crisp taro coils this is a kind of very delicious cate, a lot of parents want him to learning those who eat to make him child inside the home, such word already wholesome healthy, the body that won’t worry about pair of him children is caused any badLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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harm, what evaporate goes inside steam box is put after passing to must notice to buy his the taro that come back to cut filiform first when make, need evaporate probably 10 come minute.

 Mud of sweet crisp taro coils

1. cuts into shreds husking taro, join too whitening mixes divide evenly, take bowl of a leakage, serve steam box evaporate 10 minutes, wait for its soft; is taken out to join when rotting candy, ripe pink of lardy, milk, herb mixes stuffing of mud of taro of divide evenly make it is stand-by.

2. system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan cuts thicker skin firstForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, cut 14 pellicle again, put one pannikin, send steam box evaporate soft take namely.

3. takes a bowl small additionally to put water 2 big spoon, flour 2 big spoon are smooth into panada.

4. puts taro mashed vegetable or fruit in the system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan with good evaporate piece go up and one by one furls, reoccupy panada heal reserves.

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5.When oil is being put to burn to 8 maturity inside boiler, coil taro mud put the bomb in oily boiler 5 minutes, to its the surface shows golden crisp to be scooped, drop goes oily, place dish become namely.

Spring roll skin

Material: Flour 7 cups partly, water 4 cups


1, join flour 4 cups of water to become thick panada with beater agitate divide evenly gradually (each district flour is different, water requirement is discrepant, can capture panada with the hand, it is advisable that control is down and panada still can capture no less than slipping, if face burnt is too rare, cannot make it panada, too stiff made spring roll skin is thinner, but not easy operation)

 Mud of sweet crisp taro coils

2, face burnt builds appropriate, put freezer to count a hour

3, will automatic aluminium makes boiler of flat bottom report (dish) heat to 300F(350F) can be used after adroitness, capture big panada with the hand, to boiler heart the left and right sides turns, make skin of face of small small circle stays on boiler heart, much panada scratchs hit back again in. If have small hole, the panada in usable hand fills again on if; is too much, usable fork or smallForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Knife strickle

4, skin of the face in boiler, after several seconds, furl upcountry namely outside, uncover gently, become skin of a piece of spring roll, put in dish in reserve.


1, knead dough: With a jin of flour (the leather 15-20 that can do diametical 35cm) add 8 two right-and-left water, tone becomes ropy panada, 3 grams salt is added in the paste of face mix up, increase the tenacity of panada, adding oil of half spoon vegetable, agitate divide evenly, prevent to spread out boiler is stuck when the skin. The rare flexible rate of panada is very important, rare stick a hand to be not done give pellicle, heavy panel does not stick boiler, rare stiff degree must have mastered. The panada Tang of become reconciled sends two hours rear can use.

 Mud of sweet crisp taro coils

2, skin of booth spring roll: WillA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Make the same score a thin oil, (Oily cannot too much want one layer only can) prevent to stick boiler. Put clank on fire to heat to 6 into heat (150 degrees of) , dip in with the hand the clutch in the panada with good from Tang water takes 3 eggsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
The fabrics of size, in putting clank by outside come of li of circuit circuit drive dough (it is anticlockwise normally push) fabrics booth becomes thin pancake of a circle, will redundant fabrics gives replace face tub with hand clutch. Guan Xiaohuo sees spring roll skin all around cock, uncover with the hand cool cool reserve.

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