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Generally speaking the summer is the season that fabaceous horn appears on the market in great quantities, and much horn eating a beans conduces to clear heat seeing hot weather, the nutrition of stimulative body is balanced, because this beans horn also made the summer the permanent food on people table. Can be the general metropolis choice is tenderer beans horn when frying fabaceous horn, because delicate fabaceous horn is fried,come out to just be met more bright is fragile chew easily. But if if fabaceous horn is done not have,plucking in time, blossom easily old beans horn, and how should be old beans horn made?

How does old beans part have

Horn of 1 evaporate old beans

Material: Old beans1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Horn, half bowls of dry flour, garlic salt of a few of one head, balm, half spoon

Practice: 1, cut the old beans corner that handles clean into small-scale, put salt and flour to mix divide evenly, let everyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Touch above fabaceous horn bead thin thin a dry flour, without redundant dry flour and won’t feel stick a hand to be; 2 of as it happens, the fabaceous character that has mixed is spread again after cooking a pot for steaming food, conflagration evaporate 20 minutes, give boiler, lay open drops in temperature mashed garlic of make it of; 3, garlic, add a few balm to mix divide evenly, mix in the fabaceous part with pour mashed garlic into evaporate good again divide evenly canA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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How does old beans part have

Meal of boil in a covered pot over a slow fire of role of 2 old beanses

Material: Rice role of 2 cup, beanses is 200 grams, old pump oil of 1/2 teaspoon, edible a few of garlic of ginger of right amount, green flavors juice: Garlic 2 valve, unripe draw 1 spoon, sesame-seed oil 1/4 teaspoon

Practice: 1, fabaceous horn choose is very abluent cut circlet account, green cuts paragraphs small, ginger cuts into shreds, garlic section, fry; 2 into the fabaceous horn stir-fry before stewing that has cut, fall to often be smoked, fry to fabaceous horn chromatically, continue stir-fry before stewing is fried collapse a bit a little to fabaceous horn fry till pan of; 3, rice falls into electric rice cooker completely, pour the fabaceous wine cup that has fried in the; 4 on rice, right amount water that adds stew rice to use, the boiler on the lid is built, choose short bead rice, kitchen burns meal function, mouthfeel chooses strong path, can begin stew meal; 5, wait for song of boiler occurrence bee, continue on stew 10 minutes or so to open boiler to build again after the meal is ripe can.

Stew of horn of 3 old beanses

Material: 400g of old beans horn, pork 100g, salt, old smoke, green paragraph, Jiang Pian

Practice: 1, the slice after pork is abluent is stand-by, can use pig lean lean or steaky pork. Old beans horn cuts paragraph of; 2, case fry pan, burn oil, the Duan Hejiang that put onion piece, explode sweet, put cutlet to fry to become angry; 3, old smoke cutlet chromatically, old beans part is put after frying divide evenly, fry againShanghai Long Feng forum

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Divide evenly hind adds a few boiled water, put salt, the; 4 that build boiler, stew to flavour of ripe permeate of cutlet and fabaceous horn can.

Horn of 4 old beanses stews potato

Material: Big sauce of fabaceous horn 150g, northeast (or soya bean sauce) 5g of 150g of 80g, potato, garlic, oil 1 teaspoon of 2 spoon, candy, green paragraph 5g, salt 1 teaspoon

Practice: 1, fabaceous horn cuts paragraphs small, potato stripping and slicing, green is cut paragraph, garlic puts oil inside mincing; 2, boiler, add green paragraph with garlic piece sweet; 3 of stir-fry before stewing, horn issueing a beans breaks up fry, add two spoon big sauce to extract next sweet, make every even wrap on big sauce; 4, add water, had done not have fabaceous horn, issue potato piece, when; 5 of stew of medium baking temperature of the lid that build boiler, water is wash-and-wear, conflagration breaks up fry receive juice can.

How does old beans part have

Horn of 5 old beanses stews chop

Material: 40g of 150g of small chop 300g, beans horn, rock candy, anise 2, sweet leaf 3, 30g of 5g of Chinese prickly ash, green Chinese onion, unripe smoke 5g of 10ml, salt, earthnut 10g, caraway 1

Practice: 1, green Chinese onion abluent cut paragraph, fabaceous horn goes head end cuts paragraphs small, caraway is abluent cut paragraph of; 2, small abluent join cold water boiler to be boiled, join anise, sweet leaf, green Chinese onion paragraph, unripe smoke. The cap on the lid stews 30 minutes of or so; 3, fish out is small with small fire, drop does water, fish out flavor, leave soup and flavor to reserve put in; 4, boilerLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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After oil burns heat, join a moment ago the flavor of fish out is fried sweet, join chop to fry consummate color next, fish out reserves the flavor in boiler of; 5, fish out, put fabaceous horn to fry sweet; 6, take another boiler to join rock candy, Shanghai noble baby

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Heat to color in small platoon is being joined to turn over the pan that fries the; 7, Shang Zhong that will stew small platoon to add the part that fry a beans quickly after shallow palm is red, enter small, small fire stews 40 minutes of; 8, conflagration to receive juice, add salt, break up fry caraway is put after giving boiler equably paragraph adornment.

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