” mission call 13 ” present as leading role! E3 2016 ginseng exhibits game list general view

E3 2016 will begin on June 14, the distance still has the time of 3 months now. IGN arranged to may join the game list that exhibits E3 2016 now. So far, affirm those who attend is ” mission call 13 ” with Microsoft new ” ultimate contest fast ” game. The other sport in list is IGN guesses can appear. these game may appear, the reason has attended E3 to just perhaps be announced recently before them.

End to at present already many manufacturers express to attend and do not attend E3. Attend certainly have, microsoft, suo Ni, ren Tiantang, take Two, deep Silver, bethesda, SE, capcom, SEGA, yo greens jade, oculus. Do not attend include EA, move inspect, dishini and Wargaming. Although EA does not attend E3 directly, do not cross EA to be able to hold a news briefing alone before E3 begins. News briefing time was on June 13 in the morning at 4 o’clock, the news briefing before the E3 2016 that compares B company is exhibited is early 6 hours.

As E3 approach, at the beginning of June when the game battle array that believes many manufacturers can announce him. Nevertheless time returns Shang Zao now, before the government affirms, we still watch the game that may appear first.

The sheet of this a list of names posted up of IGN is too actually conservative still, the game that appears on E3 should be met have ” battleground 5 ” , ” watchdog 2 ” and possible ” wild big armed escort 2 ” .

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