Gearbox: ? Paragraph? of the Huaihe River of bank of useless  of  of  of  broadleaf plant we are OK and careful hopeful

” keep watch pioneer ” what pressure test detects is its server not only, still have likewise just appear on the market of a week time with type game ” be born for battle ” . Nevertheless ” be born for battle ” the work that is Gearbox after all, even if has ” keep watch pioneer ” snipe still can hold the sale that comparative. According to the official statement of Gearbox, they maintained careful and upbeat mood to the sale of this work, it seems that ” be born for battle ” still basically finished its job.

” derelict ground ” the fascia work that series it may be said is Gearbox, and the view according to the government, ” be born for battle ” sales volume comparing takes the place of at first ” derelict ground ” even a bit better. ” derelict ground ” the game series that series is an extraordinary success to us, take the place of first repeatedly after all ” derelict ground ” sell gave 7789, varnell of Gearbox originality chief inspector is in direct seeding say, I feel ” be born for battle ” sales volume should be met picture ” derelict ground ” same, should do not have a problem. Of 3 platform ” be born for battle ” sales volume is rising smoothly at present, the mood with my foreground hold upbeat discretion to this game.

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