Ke Jie: ?  Jie α ?AlphaGo is sacred! Be defeated so that do not have a bit disposition

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rk austral Fujian?  Jie α ?AlphaGo is sacred! Be defeated so that do not have: of origin of a bit disposition?  ?2017-05-23 16:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

Beijing time on May 23, the 2nd season is in man-machine big fight black town is held, struggle hard of clean stalking or branch 4 half hours look finally with 1/4 play away match. After contest, ke Jie and Deepmind group controller breathed out Sabisi to hold a press conference, answer reporter query. ” ” big Zhan Kejie of black town man-machine is right battle AlphaGo chess manual of the first bureau

Command fences before the press conference 2 Duan Hechang Hao were done 9 paragraphs with respect to this dish of chess explain, fencing command ever was in 2 paragraphs as European go champion 2015 with AlphaGo front fight hand to hand, artificial intelligence wins a victory at that time. In explaining a process, chang Hao states AlphaGo pays attention to overall situation and center power development very 9 paragraphs, each hand goes after efficiency, fencing command also states AlphaGo strives to go up in chessboard 2 paragraphs each stature can be used integratedly rise.

After the press conference begins formally, ke Jie enters the court the consistent applause that won spot media. Ke Jie makes a speech the first times, he says frankly oneself have some of research to layout, but him type of AlphaGo some action also had not seen, for instance AlphaGo inter has been broken, so white in human match chess became defensive position, but after Ke Jie says he has thought later, think this is skill good step, do thick the situation of ministry of white chess horn. So bold to AlphaGo hit out, ke Jie expresses: Oneself are defeated without a bit disposition.

In query link, ke Jie conveyed pair of AlphaGo a上海贵族宝贝交流区

gain gasp in admiration: He falls too well, also changing us to be opposite at first the view of go, 上海贵族宝贝论坛

doing not have what chess cannot fall, it is OK and bold innovate, bold the thinking that develops oneself, very free play chess. And he also has a lot of new knowledge to AlphaGo: AlphaGo is special cling to is on-the-spot, after be being scooped up first, wash, did not think of to be broken by him intent, became him to have a lot of on the spot. He this chess follows to was compared last year, seeming is two people completely, still be close to a person very much for the first time, he is be too fierce. He is not a person any more, be sacred. As to next whether does the match have hope, he expresses: I hope I do my best爱上海同城对对碰

go spelling each dishes, also hope oneself, bring the joy of go to everybody.

The father of AlphaGo breaths out Sabisi to say the expression of this match makes Ke Jie person admire, he did the research that has specific aim more very much before contest, th爱上海同城对对碰

is makes AlphaGo also needs to do one’s best go meeting head-on.

Outspread read: Is man-machine big battle head Zhan Kejie is opposite is an AlphaGo urgent did petty action come completely Wu Zhenke clean is opposite is Ke Jie of can complete leg opposite a peak of go of AlphaGo man-machine big fight battle AlphaGo: ?  ?000 10 thousand be defeated to also have 2 million relevant read: Clean of big fight of black town man-machine stalking or branch to battle AlphaGo angry rancorring Ke Jie brings Wang Saicong of 2017-05-23 of chess manual of the first bureau the netizen is malcontent: Intelligence quotient bound you do not deserve to comment on 2017-05-23 man-machine big fight the first bureau: Phase of Guanzi of clean stalking or branch seeks hand of AlphaGo144 of changeover g爱上海同城论坛

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