The expert builds character to drive digital economy progress to make digital economy powerful nation

Held recently ” number gets together an ancient name for China is achieved enjoy future ” Chinese data innovation starts ceremonially all right, how do official of government attending the meeting and expert scholar drive economy of our country number develop with respect to future, make digital economy powerful nation build character to make suggestions.

The innovation of burgeoning science and technology such as computation of Internet, cloud, big data gives new economy form — digital economy, becoming the main driving force that Chinese transition upgrades, also be the whole world new the commanding elevation that round of industry competes. Hangzhou G20 peak was met 2016, china put forward to country of other G20 member ” G20 innovation grows blue print ” plan, it is most important to include among them ” progress of G20 number economy and cooperative proposal ” wait for a file.

Statistic shows, dimensions of Chinese number economy already achieved 22.4 trillion yuan 爱上海同城对对碰

2016, occupy GDP comparing to heft 30.1% . The orgnaization is forecasted, dimensions of economy of Chinese whole number approached 16 trillion dollar 2035, capacity of total obtain employment 415 million. The market dimensions that counts at every turn, will bring new contribution for whole economy.

The country develops innovation appoint vice director Lin Nianxiu expresses in the ceremonially that start, mix currently henceforth a period, national hair changes appoint will around advance sex of supply side structure to reform a requirement,上海千花网论坛

drive of thorough executive innovation develops the strategy, drive big data to develop application energetically, economy of stimulative China number accelerates development, the key sends force continuously 阿拉爱上海同城

in 4 respects: It is exert oneself perfect infrastructure, build digital economy new prop up, 2 it is exert oneself disentombs data resource, make innovation do poineering work new engine, 3 it is exert oneself pushs an industry development, breed economy to develop new kinetic energy, 4上海贵族宝贝

it is exert oneself development innovation service, carry out a government to administer new pattern.

Scholar attending the meeting thinks, the outbreak of economy of our country number needs to have 3 premise, go up in design carrying a layer on the head above all, chinese government already rolled out network space strategy, China to make 2025 wait for the strategy, this becomes the tremendous impetus of whole industry gradual progress to measure. The 2nd encourage area to innovate namely, of 8 tests division establishing is typical, different area combines the gift condition of the characteristic of 上海千花网

this locality and resource, offer brand-new development strategy and development way; The 3rd, build in innovation environment compose on, be based on what the 上海千花网

new job condition of digital economy is sure to bring an industry to superintend means to change. China will rise abruptly quickly at in order to carry a program, area on the head environment of practice, innovation and produce be in harmony to interact make ” digital powerful nation ” .

It is reported, this the activity develops innovation by the country appoint, letter of network of industry letter ministry, nation does collective guidance, comprehensive test division shares big data of 8 states level, promote big data to grow department time bureau of big data of secretariat of joint meeting office, Guizhou Province undertake, mobile by a definite date a year. (close new)

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