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The intermediary outside occupying reports, soft silver-colored group matchs Flipkart to buy Snapdeal to although end in order to fail,trade, but this company achieves what one wishes however now the ground took Flipkart share, become its the largest stockholder.

Flipkart of platform of business of the biggest cable confirms Ind上海贵族宝贝

ia now, already obtained Vision Fund of fund of the science and technology below soft Yin Qi to invest. Flipkart did not disclose the investment dimensions of soft silver, but personage of know the inside story says, predict to come in 2.5 billion dollar between 2.6 billion dollar, make Vision Fund becomes Flipkart thereby the largest stockholder.

Additional, this investment also is the one share that the financing of 1.4 billion dollar that Flipkart announced this year in April plans.

At that time, flipkart announces to be in new the investment that 1.4 billion dollar acquires in round of financing, be worth 11.6 billion dollar for company estimate. Investor of a lot of strategy of big shop sign participated in investment, be like Chinese Tecent, and EBay and Microsoft.

Additional, this financing April still broke investment record of India. Accordingly, soft silver should throw 1.5 billion dollar or more this at least.

Flipkart says, after new fund infuse, the capital on company balance sheet already exceeded 4 billion dollar. Analytic personage says, this defies to Flipkart Yamaxun Indian business is big helpful. Last year, yamaxun develops in Indian market rapid, business dimensions reachs about 4 billion dollar, become the afterwards on Indian market the platform of business of the 2nd big cable after Flipkart.

Current, the competition of market of Indian electron business affairs is very intense, yamaxun and the international tycoon such as Alibaba attend a war in succession. Yamaxun CEO Jeff Beisuosi (Jeff Bezos) is affirmatory already, the meeting after the fund that restricts 5 billion dollar in Indian market infuse continues to invest.

Soft silver is the largest stockholder of Snapdeal of company of Indian electron business affairs, own the share of more than 30% . ” Indian times ” ever reported this year in March say, soft silver is planning Snapdeal of platform of business of two big cable mixes India Flipkart amalgamative matters concerned.

But base of the moon on Snapdeal announces, all negotiations of end and Flipkart about selling a company. Snapdeal still says, the company can continue to keep independent in the future. Soft silver expresses at that 上海千花社区

time, the independence that respects Snapdeal expands a line. But subsequently the report says, flexible silver-colored plan invests 1.5 billion dollar to come to Flipkart 2 billion dollar.

Invest to this, s爱上海龙凤419桑拿

un Zhengyi of soft silver-colored CEO says in a statement: India is a country that is full of good luck. We hope to support a few banner competitors of this market, because they are using science and technology,will help peopl爱上海同城对对碰

e live the life side with go up better. Regard India as company of lead electronic business affairs, flipkart is doing such business everyday. (Compile / Tan Ran)

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