[Chinese cabbage cannot eat together with what] – of contraindication of food of _ of advantage of _ of effect of _ of _ Chinese cabbage

Article introduction

Chinese cabbage has now begin a large number of appearing on the market, and eating vegetable of a few season more have profit exceedingly to the body. People wraps dumpling with Chinese cabbage, qing Dynasty fries Chinese cabbage, flesh to fry Chinese cabbage, rinse Chinese cabbage, it is very pretty good have a way. But although Chinese cabbage is good, also not be everybody eatable, and when eating Chinese cabbage, also be to have a few cultured, having a few food is not OK with Chinese cabbage of an edible, so, what effect does Chinese cabbage have? With what food cannot eat together together?

With what cannot Chinese cabbage eat together?

The effect of Chinese cabbage with action

1. enhances strength

Chinese cabbage enhances strength for the body, have precautionary cold and the effect that remove exhaustion already.

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Diuresis of 2. satisfy one’s thirst

Chinese cabbage dry sweet taste, weaker, quantity of heat is inferior also, contain β – carotene, iron, magnesian, can promote calcium to draw wants part character, the Potassium with additionally medium Chinese cabbage can there will be diuresis effect outside salinity eduction body.

3. knows interest intestines and stomach

Stew the Chinese cabbage after boiling to conduce to too digest, because this suits intestines and stomach most not beautiful is mixed or ill patient edible.

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4. is promoted digest

Chinese cabbage can promote alvine wall peristalsis, help to digest, preventLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Stop defecate is dry, maintain the effect of defecate unobstructed, also can prevent silicosis (because long-term respiratory tract is inspiratory silica dust, and cause a kind of disease that extensive fiber dies lung, in order to breathe short for main symptom) the disease such as cancer of breast cancer, bowel.

Chinese cabbage photograph digests food:

1, Chinese cabbage cannot eat together with rabbit meat: Feed meeting diarrhoea vomiting together.

2, Chinese cabbage cannot eat together with Shan Zhu: Feed meeting body together unwell.

3, Chinese cabbage cannot eat together with cucumber: Destroy vitamin C.

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Function of cold sex constitution, intestines and stomach not rare jalf congealed of patient of beautiful, chronic gastroenteritis, defecate person careful feed.

Chinese cabbage is OK diuresis of satisfy one’s thirst, can close to digest, butShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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In order to enhance the disease-resistant ability of the body, can eating a few Chinese cabbage more at ordinary times so. But when eating Chinese cabbage, cannot eat rabbit meat, Shan Zhu, cucumber to wait together, lest bring about the body unwell, had better be be apart compare in edible after two hoursForum of Shanghai night net

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Better. And defecate rare jalf congealed person had better be not to eat this kind of vegetable.

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